me and magic

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potter fan since: 1999
favorite character: ron
house: gryffindor
wand: holly, phoenix feather, 8 3/4 inches
favorite magical creature: phoenix
favorite weasley: bill and ginny
favorite wizard food: chocolate frogs, butterbeer
i most identify with: ginny weasley
favorite HP book: harry potter and the order of the phoenix
my portkeys:
>> the leaky cauldron
>> the HP lexicon
>> harry potter filks
>> pinoy harry potter
>> the shrieking shack

be aware of magic
there is magic in the muggle world

Magic. The encompassing aspect of the Harry Potter books, and most fantasy literature or films. It is mystical, mythical, more often than not, intangible. Somehow, these qualities make magic an alluring element of the fantasy genre.

In the Harry Potter world, magic follows certain rules. Casting spells entails being able to recite incantations and focusing power using a wand. Potions are made from ingredients with inherent magical qualities. Fantastical creatures abound. The use of magic is regulated, following certain moral standards, which allows for some sort of social responsibility for wizards. And Muggles do not have magic. Muggles? Muggles. The "non-magic folk" of J.K. Rowling's universe. Basically, people like you and me. Oh, don't go having delusions of grandeur. I sometimes pretend I am a witch too, but really, I'm actually only a Muggle. While they think magic and the wizarding world are totally separate from us Muggles, I personally think that magic exists in our world too. Not in the form one has come to expect of magic in the wizarding world, but a more subtle form. Magic that isn't necessarily spectacular, but works wonders in our Muggle lives.

I know what you're thinking. "How thickheaded can she be? That's why they're called muggles. Muggles! Non-magic folk! No magic! Sheesh!". Right. But I don't believe there is no magic in my world. It exists in the many big and little things that we sometimes take for granted....

What else would you call friendship? That indefinable spell cast upon two or more people who share the same interest, who hang out and have fun, who help each other through trying times? Don't you just feel blessed that you have a shoulder to cry on, someone to laugh with, someone to tell you that you are wrong, and someone to be scared with? I feel that in all the years that I've lived, I have had a charm that helps me to find good friends that I really care for and appreciate. And I do hope that charm doesn't lose its power.

Then what about compassion? The acts of kindness shown by a human being to those in need. I believe that in these trying times, it is the sympathy and care that we show to others that makes their lives bearable, and makes ours more fulfilling. And don't we feel like some magic is at work when the time comes when we are the ones in need, and people come to our rescue?

There's laughter. The wizards recognized it as that which can finally finish off a boggart. In the Muggle world, we are told that laughter is the best medicine. And that it certainly is. Laughter can wipe away the gloom, the sadness, even the pain. Its mere sound can bring out a smile in others.

Nature. It gives us life and sustains us. It is God's own magic at work in our world.

And love. Love is good and powerful ancient magic. It is unselfish, giving, an emotion that sweeps us all. It may bring joy and pain, we may try to resist it, but ultimately, it conquers all... even avada kedavra.

There's more. We only have to be aware of it. Magic may come in the form of those that are important to us, those things that affect our lives, things that make us grow and become better persons, things that make us happy, even the happy thoughts that make us fly. Peter Pan nailed that concept right. There is no need for fairy dust. :)

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