A parody of "Superman" by Five for Fighting.


A parody of "Superman" by Five for Fighting

Setting: A glimpse into the heart of our favorite werewolf....

Spoiler alerts for:
  • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban


I can't stand their fright
Malicious whispering
Rejection, pity, lies.
It's downright maddening.

I'm more than just fangs,
I'm more than a freak,
More than some monster dog,
and DADA geek.
Well, it's not easy to be me.

Wish to hide from the moon.
Fall in love in peace,
Without the fear that I
Might someday kill my kids.

It isn't absurd,
you have to admit
Even werewolves have the right to dream.
I need to be loved,
and not to be feared,
Want to be cared for,
to be revered.
Well, it's not easy to be me.

Run and hide away, away from me,
You'll be alright.
I will crash in the Shack tonight.
My pals will be with me... through everything.

I can't stand this life.
Only Wolfsbane can save me.
Need to hide from everyone,
Even need to hide from me.

I'm only a man,
though once in four weeks,
I turn into a wolf
When the full moon peaks.
I'm only a man,
With a simple dream,
I want to end this curse,
Want to be free,
Want to be free, want to be free.
I want to be free, I want to be free!

I'm also a man,
not your average freak,
I'm also a man
looking for a dream.
I'm also a man,
Oh please hear me speak.
It's not easy... hoo-hoo-hoo.
It's not easy.... to be... me.


    Copyright:    GiNnYSkywalker, May 2002

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