on this starry night
A parody of "Vincent", version by Josh Groban.


A parody of "Vincent", version by Josh Groban

Setting: The Forbidden Forest is not the best place for musicals, but Harry, Hermione, Draco, Hagrid (with Fang), and some centaurs, decide this song merits the right ambience. ;)

Spoiler alerts for:
  • Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
This filk is dedicated to the Gryffindors of Hogwarts Philippines, and fellow Josh Groban admirers.


On this starry night,
We serve detention yet again.
In the forest forbidden,
With Hagrid we'll go search for unicorns.
Hagrid (to the students):
Evil's afoot this night.
Try hard not to scream in fright
Of shadows made by the moonlight.
I hope we'll finish this before daylight.

Students (to Hagrid):
We don't understand.
What is happening out here?
Is that unicorn blood? Is evil near?
We're trying hard to hide our fear.
I shouldn't be here....
Hagrid (to Draco):
No use fretting now.
We'll get through this somehow.

[Exit Hagrid, Hermione, Draco, and Fang. Firenze gallops into the scene]

Firenze (to Harry):
Mars is bright tonight.
The stars, we know what they portend.
His plans will have an evil end.
Unicorn blood will sustain him for now
His life's cursed anyhow
But the Stone will change all that,
His power, too much to combat.
I hope the stars have been read wrong this time.

Harry (to Firenze):
Now I understand
What the clues are telling me.
Voldemort's alive, his spirit's free,
His revenge soon we will all see.
But would they listen to a boy like me,
If I tell Professor D.?

[Enter Bane and Ronan]

Firenze (to Harry):
Come and ride back with me,
I'll bring you to safety.
Bane (to Firenze):
Firenze, you're not a simple mule.
Put the boy down, you're no fool.
Don't meddle in what the heavens have planned.
Firenze (to Bane):
But he's the Boy Who Lived, Bane.
On my stand, I'll remain.
I thought that you would understand.


[Harry rides back with Firenze. They find Hagrid, Hermione, Draco, and Fang again]

Ah, Firenze, I see you've met.
Oh, Harry, what happened to you?
Unicorn's dead, I saw it too,
The evil, then Firenze came, off it flew.

[While Harry and Hermione walk back to the Gryffindor dormitories....]

Harry (to Hermione):
Now I think I know
What the clues are telling me.
Voldemort's alive, his spirit's free.
And he wants the Stone, you see.
But would they listen to a kid like me?
Let's find Professor D.!


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