go get the snitch
A parody of "Asereje (The Ketchup Song)" by Las Ketchup.


A parody of "Asereje (The Ketchup Song)" by Las Ketchup

Original lyrics may be found here!

Author's Notes / Thank Yous:

For the record, The Ketchup Song still isn't in my personal top 1000 favorite songs. Teehee. :) I guess this was filked because of sheer determination, Oneal's plot suggestion (do quidditch! high speed plot for a high speed filk!) and my filk writing kit. This was also riding my filking wave of 4 songs for this long weekend. :)

The version of The Ketchup Song used for this filk is the Spanish-English version (lyrics at the link above) because it is easier to work with than the purely Spanish one. Please make allowances for the end result (it's a tongue twister!) as the original song is so very very difficult to filk. Oh, and please... don't make me sing this!!! Writing it is enough strain on my sanity. :)

Apologies to those who dislike the song (sorry, Joran. heehee). You can imagine how I felt when I was filking it. But the challenge was issued, I accepted, and it had to be done. :)

One little fact: this takes my personal record for the fastest written filk. 3.5 hours, written while looking out for my sister, looking out for my dad, strategizing, and texting. :)

I thank the Lord for the rhyming dictionary. :) Oh, and the word "our" is a two-syllable word. :)

U-l-a-n, Lau, Krys, Captain Pao, here you go! Heehee. Enjoy (or be bothered! LOL!)

For Oneal. :)


Get those brooms ready to fly,
Our opponents will fry.
Off we all go to play Quidditch.
Feel the magic in the air,
The wind blowing through your hair,
Watched by every wizard and witch.

When the ref throws up the quaffle,
Start to focus on the battle,
Be alert and see you look out for the bludger.
And when the snitch flies by so fast,
Chase it and don't look so aghast,
Catch it and you will end the game, you must fly stronger!
Dodge the beaters, you can catch it, just go faster...

Go get the snitch!
No, don't flinch,
You have to beat the opposing team's fast seeker
Make sure you do not go and fly yourself in the ditch.
(Repeat chorus 2x)

Seekers should be brave and daring.
Oh, the danger's escalating
Often they have to be rescued.
They've been known to take some cursing,
in the desert, apparating,
wand'ring around for years with no clue.

(Repeat Refrain)
(Repeat Chorus 3x)

A nanana...

(Repeat Chorus 9x)


    Copyright:    GiNnYSkywalker, April 20, 2003

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