the ewok tribal tune
A parody of the theme from "Tiny Toon Adventures".


A parody of the theme from "Tiny Toon Adventures"

Setting: The Ewoks do a little party song....

Spoiler alerts for:
  • Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi


We're cute and we're furry
But Troopers run and hurry
With these sticks and these stones
We will surely break your bones!

We'll help the rebellion
Blow the Imperial Station
The Death Star's shields will be down
Just in time for the attack!


Oh, we are the Ewoks
And we live on Endor's moon.
And when the Rebels win the war
we'll sing a merry tune!
The humans, the Wookiee,
And the droids, we'll all party!
The Emperor will be defeated very soon!

The Gold God told stories,
And set aside our worries,
Chief Chirpa had a good vibe,
So they're now part of our tribe!

We're sure Luke Skywalker,
Wielding his cool lightsaber,
He will defeat Darth Vader
So fast he will be a blur!


Oh, we are the Ewoks
We may not always play nice
But we will help them Rebels
And that Jedi on the rise!
We're cute and we're furry
And our friends, they'll all agree,
In all the galaxy there's no one else as fun!

... And now our song is done!


    Copyright:    GiNnYSkywalker, October 2002

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