Sunday, November 17, 2002

Highlight the text between the --> <-- for potential spoilers....

There was one line that struck me while watching Chamber of Secrets. "It's over, Ginny. It's nothing but a memory....", said Harry to Ginny. But is it? After all, Harry still has some of Voldemort within him, and even though Ginny was --> mostly unconscious when Tom Riddle took her over, she was made aware of what Riddle did. <-- I still don't believe she will completely forget that episode. I have a feeling this will affect the characters in the last 3 unpublished books. Times are getting darker, Voldemort is back, everyone is taking sides (at least most of them), and this may be one card that Voldemort won't hesitate to play when the going gets tough.... Creepy thought....

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