Monday, November 11, 2002

I did a little reconnaisance work tonight (read: window shopping! LOL.). No sign of the Chamber of Secrets OST. :( I hope it comes out early enough for me to play my movie game....


Also, it looks like the Attack of the Clones video will come out on November 28. Darn! We get CoS early, but will get the AOTC video late. Can't have it all....


This song has been stuck in my head all day....

Since the moment I spotted you,
Like walking around with little wings on my shoes,
My stomach's filled with the butterflies,
But it's alright.
Bouncing from cloud to cloud
I got a feeling like I'm never gonna come down
If I said I didn't like it then you'd know I lied....

Everytime I try to talk to you, I get tongue-tied
Turns out everything I say to you comes out wrong
And never comes out right.

So I'm singing, why don't you and I get together,
Take on the world and be together forever....
Heads, we will, tails, we'll try again.
I'm singing, why don't you and I get together,
Fly to the moon and straight on to heaven.
'Cause without you, they'd never gonna let me in....

- "Why Don't You and I" by Santana feat. Chad Kroeger


I also spotted some interesting books during my reconnaissance mission. "The History of Lord of the Rings" consists of... I'm not sure if it's three or four books, by Christopher Tolkien, filling in some details in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. The War of the Ring and The Treason of Isengard were the only ones I was able to browse through. Intriguing.

I finally saw all the volumes of LOTR sporting the new movie covers. It's still Frodo featured on FotR, and Aragorn on RotK.... but in TTT, where Saruman used to be, there is.... Legolas. Ehermmm... Should I be thankful I bought the first series? LOL. Hrmmmm.... Don't get me wrong. I love the character of Legolas. Orlando Bloom, like Liv Tyler, just doesn't have that kind of a "wow!" effect on me. In fairness, Orlando Bloom played Legolas well. He's cool. But in my very humble opinion, his portrayal lacked a little something I cannot define, something that, at least to me, doesn't show him as the Legolas I loved in the books. But that's just me. Of course, I might change my mind upon watching TTT. One thing's for sure though. I may end up liking his portrayal, but I still will not scream and squeal with the rest of the girls upon his appearance. LOL. (Uh-oh. Shields up! Incoming!!!!)

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