Friday, November 22, 2002

Interesting follow-up to the news from Yahoo! The folks from The Leaky Cauldron are cooking something up. They plan to set up an account at PayPal so that readers of TLC can contribute to a fund that will be used to bid on the card. If TLC wins, they will publish the contents of the card, and will probably hold a contest for the readers to determine who will keep the card. Anyway, whether TLC wins or not, the money will still go to Book Aid, the charity where the proceeds of the auction will go in the first place. It is sort of an indirect charity drive, and TLC readers can contribute any amount they wish. The site predicts that with the volume of readers they have, even if they don't win the auction, the amount of money that will be raised for Book Aid will be bigger than a regular donation. TLC is still working out the details, but it sure is an interesting prospect. At least if they win, all of us curious fans will know the contents of the card, unlike if it lands in the hands of a private collector. :) Cool. Bloody brilliant idea indeed! :)

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