Sunday, December 22, 2002

Finally opened the Chocolate Frogs that Tita Mylen sent over! But I don't think I have the heart to eat it 'cause it looks so cute!!! Am sending it back to hibernate in the fridge. Heheh.

The card I got was entitled "Diagon Alley" and showed Hagrid giving Harry Hedwig as a gift. :) Now I can add that to my "Centaur", "Invisibility Cloak", "Rubeus Hagrid", and "Scabbers".

The frog inside was very detailed:

I could've sworn this one was a bullfrog! Hahahah! The ones that Gissy kindly got for me from Australia before were smaller and more like the frog in the movie. But the cards are the same. :) Wonder if there are any other versions of Chocolate Frogs....


The camera is a nice toy to play with. :D Got crazy and took about ten pictures of my dog, Yoda. Here's one:

Weird though, I don't think my doggie is photogenic. LOL. Somehow she looks cuter up close and personal. ;)


Going to see The Two Towers tonight!!!! I already did my review of FOTR last night and watched it for the nth time. Heheh. :)

Speaking of the book... I got to the part where the Riders of the Mark, Gandalf, and the Three Companions finally arrived at Isengard. They were met at the gate by Merry and Pippin. :) Gimli, ever the dignified but gruff dwarf, didn't know if he would jump for joy at seeing the two Hobbits alive, or would be mad that they are lounging around at the gates of Isengard, smoking and eating. Heheh. Gimli reminds me of another dwarf in a fantasy series, Flint Fireforge, a hill dwarf who appears in the Dragonlance stories. It seems that both dwarves were gruff, and were sometimes a little impatient with the younger generation. And they both, at the beginning of the stories, disliked Elves, but changed their minds after journeying with one.


If I told you how I feel about you
Would you say the same?
And if I wrote it in a letter,
Would you keep it or throw it away?
I never thought I'd feel the way I'm feeling lately
When everything you seem to do just drives me crazy.
Every waking day, you take my breath away,
With every word you say, you take my breath away,
When you look at me that way, baby come what may,
I hope that you'll always know
How to take my breath away....

-- "Take My Breath Away" by Emma Bunton

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