Wednesday, December 25, 2002

The site is up! After debating whether or not to take down Star Wars Fan Base, Jamie finally did, and put up a new site with a new concept.

The Divine Secrets of the Yo-da Sisterhood is a website for the ladies, geared towards science fiction and fantasy books, movies, and TV shows. It includes forums, a place to display your fan fiction, fan art, and filks, news, reviews, polls, and more. Basically, it's just a cozy and comfy place for girls to hang-out. Interested? Click on the link above to visit the site.

A Happy and Blessed Christmas to everyone! I hope Santa dropped some wonderful presents under your tree, and inside your hearts. May the Light of the Child Jesus who was born this day, bring you closer to Him and illuminate your way.


Dang, I need a concept for a Christmas filk. I hate filker's block!

I think my brain took a holiday vacation....

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