Monday, December 16, 2002

* This entry was written on December 15, and was uploaded on December 16*

Had loads of fun at Star Wars Philippines' Christmas Assembly last night at Brash Young Cinema. :) Even though I was still sick at the time and couldn't quite eat anything, at least I've forgotten I was tired and haven't really had a good sleep for a few days. :) I lasted until 3AM, and that's saying something! *grin*

The place was cozy and comfy, and the equipment was great. Plus our newbies at SWP (Paolo D, Paolo J, Emil, and MC) who also happened to be Trek boys from the Via Astris group, played the part of host superbly, we didn't even notice we were in Trek territory much. ;)

Funny how they all warmed up to Artoo. :) You could swear they badly wanted to assimilate the poor droid. :D But well, Artoo is a Jedi, and thus, those assimilation techniques won't work on him. Want proof? The boys couldn't get Artoo to do anything! ROTFL. They must've tried to make him notice them for about, oh, two hours? Heheh. :) With all those antics, we could start shooting our own version of R2-D2 Beneath the Dome! LOL. Come to think of it, Artoo was a little temperamental last night. Hrmmm.... At least he let me hold him, since he couldn't go down the stairs by himself. :D And I got to hold him during the ride home too (couldn't quite let go of him since Oneal handed him to me, my preciousssssssss. *sheepish grin* and I had a difficult time giving him back when we finally got to my house too! :D ). *casts triumphant smirk at the Trek boys. I got to hold Artoo! Heeh! :p *

Oh, sheep. I'm still enthralled by Artoo. Couldn't quite break away from his spell.... :D


We finally got to watch the Attack of the Clones DVD together. Interesting how much detail you start noticing when you're watching the digital version of the film. For one, there were certain scenes where you start to actually notice which elements of the film were digitized, and which were live action shots. Those weren't as noticeable in the regular film release because some quality was lost when you do not use digital format. But to me it worked better, because the digital and live elements melded seamlessly.

I was right about the "I am a Jedi, I should be better than this!" line. It was one of the differences between the digital release, and the regular release, along with Padme holding Anakin's robotic hand in the wedding scene. I still think it's a pivotal part and should have been integrated in the regular version.


The "Films Are Not Released, They Escape" feature was fantastic! One will begin to appreciate the filmmaking process after watching it. :) And seeing the deleted scenes was cool. Sad that the part where Padme addresses the Senate was deleted. In my opinion, it was Natalie Portman's best scene! *shields up against the Natalie admirers!* The others though, were not very important scenes, and the movie could have done without those. But the issue is still film editing. With good editing, Clones would have been smashing! But I love it nonetheless. :D

One intriguing scene though, was the Jedi Landing Platform. They replaced that whole sequence with the scene where Master Yoda, Obi-Wan, and Mace were walking along the halls of the Temple and talking about Anakin and arrogant Jedi. :) After watching both sequences, I think it was a good call that GL decided to replace that part. Somehow, the whole exchange had more impact with Master Yoda there. Seeing the Jedi Starfighters was rather cool, though. :)


Adrian made an observation during the Geonosian Arena battle sequence (a.k.a. Part 12, Reel 6). He commented that Obi-Wan was rather brutal when killing the Acklay. Good observation. In that Star Wars Insider article about Lightsaber Techniques, it was pointed out that Jedi were always more careful when they are battling living enemies. As we see in the arena, they didn't hold back much when disposing of the battle droids. But the acklay was a living enemy, and thus, should be fought with respect. Jedi tend to use dismemberment and decapitation sparingly, but Obi-Wan cut off all the acklay's legs, and as if the acklay could still move and get him without legs, he finished the creature off with one last lightsaber thrust. Rather ah... violent... and not very Jedi. Come to think of it, Mace Windu was the same way, decapitating Jango Fett. Intriguing. Very intriguing indeed....


After some time, they all finally found the blooper reel (If I'm not mistaken, this is triggered by the infamous 1138). And it was hilarious! LOL. Jango Fett was soooo cool! Heheheh. And Hayden seems to have a penchant for... errr... tripping. :D But he's still fine. :D


After the AOTC DVD, we all got around to watching Disc 2 of the Fellowship of the Ring DVD, courtesy of Admiral Rachel. :) Some of the documentaries were rather redundant, although one of them was truly exceptional. Now I can't wait to watch The Two Towers! :) I finally got my ticket for the 22nd. Weeeeeeee!!! Looking forward to seeing Ents, seeing Eowyn, seeing orcs killed ("They were like animals! And I slaughtered them like animals!") *eek! crossover! LOL.*, seeing Frodo, seeing Gollum, seeing Legolas and Gimli, and seeing Aragorn, of course! :D Who says the middle part of a Trilogy is always the boring part? Not in this case, although to me, it is the gloomiest part.


I know it sounds weird, but every book I've ever read is classified into "bright", "light", "gray", and "dark", inside my head. Every story leaves me with a certain feeling related to light. The Harry Potter books, for example, are all under "gray". The Hobbit is under "light". Fellowship of the Ring is "light", while the last 2 parts of the LOTR trilogy are "gray". The Magician's Nephew is "light", and so on. The two Jurassic Park books were "dark".... Gee. I have to remember which book I read was "bright". I don't think even the fairy tales were ever "bright" in my thoughts. Oh, wait! I remember one "bright" book now! Yes! "Winnie the Pooh"! :D


I wish you'd look at me that way,
Your beautiful eyes looking deep into mine,
Telling me more than any words can say.
But you don't even know I'm alive.
Baby, to you, all I am, is the invisible man.

-- "Invisible Man" by 98 Degrees

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